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  • Times of uncertainty are full of challenges; it gets tough to predict trends and a small mistake can turn deadly. We bring the 10 most likely financial mistakes you could make, and how to grapple with them.What’s your financial quotient? How the experts got it wrong
Oct 02, 2008
Stocks When in doubt, just stay out

When in doubt, just stay out

The high level of cash in the portfolios has riled some of our bullish readers. Dipen Sheth explains his reasons for staying 50% invested.

Midcap and Smallcap indices book loss

In the past year, the Midcap and Smallcap indices have lost much more heavily than the Sensex and BSE 500.

Newer funds perform better

Since the beginning of the year, the newer funds have performed better than the older lot. This is because the younger funds have been able to avoid the brunt of the downturn in the markets, even as the older funds remained invested.

Action on the bourse

Bonuses, buybacks and rights issues offered by companies can affect your investment returns. Learn how to make the most of them.
Banking On mint street

On mint street

How does the central bank manage your wallet? Why do you use Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes frequently and are flashing the debit card more often? Here are some answers.

How safe is your ATM?

It isn’t, if you consider the many ways it can be used to rob you of your cash. We list some common traps and ways to avoid them.

5 FAQs about a sweep account

This facility promises high returns on your bank deposits without compromising on liquidity.
Insight Your world: Currencies

Your world: Currencies

A snapshot of the rupee’s performance to help you take decisions on travel and overseas investments.
Mutual Fund Moving with the Market

Moving with the Market

For the first-time equity investor, index funds are a relatively safer option as they take the guesswork out of investing. Besides, the charges are lower.

Assessing risk

The risks in mutual fund investments arise from the probability of a fall in the NAVs, which can be attributed to market risks and company-specific risks.

Sectoral advantage

Money Today-Plexus Management evaluate IDFC Strategic Sector (50-50) Equity Fund: This is a high risk, high-reward fund, where a small mis-step by the fund manager can lead to big losses, and vice versa.

'Control fear and greed'

Identify your financial needs and risk appetite before investing, says  Ved Prakash Chaturvedi, MD, Tata Asset Management.
Upfront The silver lining

The silver lining

Many investors are convinced that after the Sensex plunged 41% in six months, the key indices can fall no further. It looks like they could be right. Can things really improve?
Travel Festive offerings

Festive offerings

With the festive season fast approaching, airlines and hotels are gearing up to woo travellers. Book your tickets before mid-September to avail of the best offers.
Now and Then Fowl play

Fowl play

Eggs are not only an important source of nutrition for many people in urban India, but are a key ingredient in bakery products and processed foods.
Technology Tech support, anyone?

Tech support, anyone?

There’s nothing easier than logging on to the people in the know—and the service is almost always free.
My Idea Dogged effort

Dogged effort

When Mumbai-based Wasiff Khan decided to experiment with a daily tiffin service for dogs, he didn’t expect that the Homecare Dog Food would grow into a Rs 75 lakh packaged meal business.
BASICS What's your financial quotient?

What's your financial quotient?

Every day, we conduct a financial transaction that requires an informed decision. Whether it is taking a loan, using a credit card or opening a fixed deposit, a little knowledge can get you a better deal. Check out how financially savvy you are with this short quiz.
Portfolio Doctor Misled by mis-calculation

Misled by mis-calculation

Though the Bangalore-based Ganapathys have invested in the right instruments, they have wrongly estimated the total investment required.
Query Corner How does a systematic withdrawal plan help an investor?

How does a systematic withdrawal plan help an investor?

Prashanth Amin of Kolkata wants to know how the systematic withdrawal plans offered by mutual funds work and the tax implications of investing in one.
Tax Will STT be treated as tax paid or as an expense?

Will STT be treated as tax paid or as an expense?

Entire STT payment will be treated as expenditure against the income from trading of shares.
Talk Back Why most of books you review are by foreign authors

Why most of books you review are by foreign authors

In a globalised world, a book on finance by foreign authors is relevant for Indian readers too. Moreover, very few Indians have written on this subject.
Editor's Note From the Executive Editor

From the Executive Editor

These are trying times. They are also optimistic ones. Read our cover story to find out the wrongs, and workable solutions to be richer.
New Business Old script, new screen

Old script, new screen

Midway through a thriving career, Raghav Kher ran into a business opportunity. He exploited it with passion and came up with the Rs 25 crore Seventymm.
Books Why right goes wrong

Why right goes wrong

The author demolishes 13 of the most popular investment strategies and suggests ways to make them more effective. Despite the academic writing style, the book is a must for every equity investor, says Kamya Jaiswal.
Expert View Don't make it worse

Don't make it worse

If you are stressed about your market exposures, consider an exit. The market can remain irrational longer than the rational investor can stay solvent. Sometimes the winning trade is not equities.