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  • Tax saving has evolved into tax planning. Learn how it changes your entire investment strategy. We guide you on smart ways to manage your tax in 2008.
Stocks What volatility!

What volatility!

The Sensex fell 15% in 4 trading sessions. Latest crash has raised doubts about every lesson investors may have learnt. we take you through a quick refresher course.

Hitching a ride on the auto boom

Indag is India's No. 2 tread rubber brand available for a market capitalisation of only around Rs 50 crore, riding the country's automobile sector growth and widening road network.

Volatility. So What?

Despite dramatic movements in stock prices, you have little to fear if you stick to a strategy that keeps your portfolio steady. This is what we've been advising.Keep smiling | The golden rules of stock investing | Stocks to beat the market | Conquering volatility

Essar group back in business

Essar group is back in reckoning with stocks of its steel and oil ventures rising in the past three months.

Learning the art of making money

At today's price (Rs 4,980), Educomp's market cap is Rs 8,500 crore, which is about 300 times 2006-7 net profit that the company earned. For every rupee of billing that this company does, it's valued at Rs 80-odd.

Riding out volatility

Preferring not to fiddle with the portfolios, our fund manager instead identifies stocks that you and he could buy in the coming weeks.

Market Watch as on Jan 16, 2008

We scan dozens of research reports from investment houses every fortnight to present you the six most relevant stock recommendations.
Tax The ABC of tax

The ABC of tax

If you don't know the difference between your salary income and your taxable income. In the strange world of taxation, it’s common to see assessees filling in reams of paper almost without knowing their A, B, C. Here’s our pick of a few essential tax concepts.

Tax-planning strategies

How can you take maximum advantage of the tax benefits available to you? Money Today takes a look at some strategies that could help you use tax planning tools more efficiently and effectively this year.

Timely refund is our priority: CBDT chairman

Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) Chairman Ratneshwar Prasad tells Money Today why honest taxpayers should not fear the taxman and what is being done to improve services and compliance.

Is loan taken for renovation of a house eligible under Section 80C?

The repayment of the principal amount of a loan qualifies for deduction in both cases, that is, in case of a self-occupied house as well as a rented house, under Section 80C up to a maximum amount of Rs 1 lakh.

When the taxman cometh

Filed your returns? Now worry over refunds, possible errors, or worst of all—notices. Money Today tells you some of the most common kinds of trouble that can happen after you file your return and how to handle them.

Help at hand to file taxes

A growing number of taxpayers are finding that certified tax return preparers can help make filing tax returns less of an error-filled chore.

Filling up the tax return form

The new income tax return forms are more user-friendly than the earlier Saral. We explain the form and key new sections.
Query Corner Is there an ideal savings ratio?

Is there an ideal savings ratio?

Whatever anyone may tell you, there is no one-fit-for-all savings ratio. Even giving a minimum figure is deceptive.
Expert View Five common mistaken notions

Five common mistaken notions

Did you know that tax on interest earned on FDs and NSCs during the year is payable every year, even though you get it on maturity? Read on to know more.

Aam aadmi's wish list

An individual is still subject to a higher rate of tax than most corporates, and doesn't enjoy as many tax deductions.
Real Estate Guwahati, gateway to the Northeast

Guwahati, gateway to the Northeast

The real estate market has grown gradually in the recent years, led by organised retail and residential projects.
Portfolio Doctor Ignorance is not bliss

Ignorance is not bliss

Lucknow-based businessman Satish Chandnani earns well but must get a better grip on his finances and invest aggressively in equities.
Talk Back I want to learn about investing in mutual funds and shares

I want to learn about investing in mutual funds and shares

Our magazine has a regular section dedicated to equity investments including mutual funds and stocks. Our two model portfolios are very instructive for understanding the fundamentals of investing in stocks and funds.
Mutual Fund Late entrant good pedigree

Late entrant good pedigree

The Money Today-Plexus Management new fund evaluation analyses the HDFC Infrastructure Fund and brings you the report.

A bitter pill in your portfolio

Like IT, most pharma funds have underperformed in a booming market. What should the investor do right now — sell, hold or buy? Here are some answers.

Reliance Regular Savings way above the rest

Reliance Regular Savings returns were three times the category average in the past one year.

'Be an investor, not a trader'

The Vice-President—Equities of Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund shares with us his investment mantra.
Now and Then Free speech

Free speech

While prices of most services shot up, telecom services have become cheaper. Little wonder then that you no longer make STD calls with one eye on the clock.
In this MT Issue Doctor editor

Doctor editor

When not attending to patients, Dr Naren Aggarwal edits medical journals and magazines; and earns from both fields.
Technology Technology that makes you tax-savvy

Technology that makes you tax-savvy

You don’t have to get your chartered accountant’s help for this—there are ready-to-use software packages that will do everything short of actually filing your return of income.There are also plenty of tax calculators online that will give you at least a rough idea of your tax liability.
Travel Holiday for one

Holiday for one

The trend of solo travel is slowly taking root in India. But higher expenses, than travelling as a couple, is hindering growth. Here’s how to steer clear of the single supplement
BASICS Tax saving primer

Tax saving primer

The deductions under various sections can reduce your income tax substantially. Find out what are the tax deductions available and how you can avail them.
Upfront Feeding the bull

Feeding the bull

More than three years of record breaking wealth creation on the stock market has every investor wondering how much money can still be made, and how. A quick answer is—a lot and without taking too much risk.
Sector Scenario Gas-powered growth

Gas-powered growth

Anand Rathi expects strong growth in industrial cylinders on the back of growing demand for compressed natural gas.
Editors Note From the Managing Editor

From the Managing Editor

Stocks are almost never the centrepiece of financial portfolio — a thick slice of the cake, rather than the thin icing. This has something to do with the way information and analysis on stocks appears in the media.
New Business A ticket to success

A ticket to success

By the age of 21, Dhruv Shringi's first venture had already failed. After 13 years, he finally found success—without investing a single rupee of his own.
Insurance Made to order policies for you

Made to order policies for you

Most of us are overpaying or underpaying for non-life insurance policies, expect that to change.Also on the anvil are cutsomised policies.
Your Wallet Cost of the ride

Cost of the ride

Thanks to Tata, almost everyone can afford a Nano. But can you afford a Hummer, where the EMI is more than the price of the Nano? We take a look at the EMIs you might have to pay for some of the stars of this year's Auto Expo.
Careers When success wasn't enough

When success wasn't enough

Despite a spectacular rise from a clerk to deputy general manager, Arun Grover quit her public sector job for an unplanned second career. She has no regrets.
Books Everyman's guide to stock investing

Everyman's guide to stock investing

This simple-to-read guide uses investment mistakes as take-off points for increasing a person's networth. Targeted at the neophyte, it should help readers find a foothold in the stock market.
Banking Avoid being bait

Avoid being bait

Phishing has arrived in India and the prime target is financial services. We show how to safeguard your identity.