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  • IT stocks have begun looking up; though CNX IT is delivering negative one-year returns, the sector outperformed in the last quarter.
  • The small-cap universe is a treasure trove of bargains— provided you can spot them. Money Today ties up with Trisys Research to identify stocks that aren’t in the limelight, but have the potential to give high returns.
  • Corporate results are worse than before but better than expected. Best of all, despite the definitive slowdown, stocks remain the best investment.
  • Our model portfolios have generated a lot of interest among readers. Dipen Sheth answers some of the more prolific and profound among them.
May 29, 2008
Mutual Fund Banking funds perform well

Banking funds perform well

Banking funds have outperformed their benchmarks in the past one year. The category average for the past year is double that of equity diversified funds.

Loss today, gain tomorrow

With fall in returns on mutual funds, investors have gone through a tough time. Pick up the right lessons to turn today's losses into tomorrow's gains.Four ratios to knowBenefiting from basicsFunds: Look beyond surface

Funds: Look beyond surface

Finding the right mutual fund is not the easiest thing to do. But with some basic facts in place and sufficient knowledge of the markets, you could end up with a winner.

Benefiting from basics

The most successful strategies of investing in mutual funds are surprisingly also very simple. Here are some of the time-tested thumb rules to keep in mind.

Four ratios to know

You don’t need to know how to calculate them, but understanding what these ratios indicate will help you understand the finer distinctions between fund schemes.

Funds from house

Real estate funds will offer greater liquidity, lower tax rates, more transparency, convenience and, above all, lower entry price to investors in property.

'Be disciplined about investing'

"Adopt a disciplined, rather than impulsive approach to investing," says,  Anand Radhakrishnan, Vice-President and Portfolio Manager (equity), Franklin Templeton Investments.

Banking on financial sector

Not for the first-time equity fund investor; this fund will suit experienced investors. If you already have a few sector funds, exit one to invest in this.
Expert View Market fall and investor behaviour

Market fall and investor behaviour

People who have been investing regularly with discipline and taking the financial planning route are still comfortable and are not asking many questions.

Credit is in cash

Cash is critical in an equity fund’s portfolio. A large cash component protects it from a sharp downfall. But there is also an opportunity cost of holding cash.

Not yet out of steam

The global economic slowdown is certain to cast a shadow over the Indian economy. But consumer and industrial spending in India will be strong enough to ensure a reasonably healthy economic growth.

Prescription for profit

A growing portfolio of brands, expansion into more states and bigger orders from its MNC and Indian clients will ensure that Twilight Litaka Pharma’s revenues more than double to Rs 475 crore by 2009-10.

4 rules for investors

If your mutual fund has had a bad quarter, find out why. Check what stocks it bought and sold, and if it made sense. But do this just once in three months.
Real Estate Premium space

Premium space

Bungalows in high-rise apartments? Yes, this is what a slew of new super-size smart flats offer.

Kanpur: Commercial hub of Uttar Pradesh

The commercial capital of Uttar Pradesh is second (after Lucknow) on the priority list of real estate developers investing in the state.
Technology Free, legal and comprehensive

Free, legal and comprehensive

Take a look at this far-from-exhaustive list; simply check-out websites for more. Just remember that although most of these programs sound good, they are relatively untried.
Your Wallet Before you buy an AC

Before you buy an AC

Buying an AC that suits both your room and your pocket need not be a difficult task. We show you how
Investment Gleaming options

Gleaming options

Newer modes of investing in gold are emerging. Money Today gives you a lowdown in the times when returns from the metal are attractive.
Portfolio Doctor Increase risk intake

Increase risk intake

Raipur-based Pradeep Saxena has a secure government job. He can and must increase investments in equities to meet all financial goals.
BASICS Decoding profits

Decoding profits

You are checking a company’s financial report and the words earnings and profit jump out from all over. Which profit should you consider while evaluating a company? What is the utility of so many profitability measures? How are the ratios—which analysts keep talking about—calculated?
In this MT Issue Digitising stamp papers

Digitising stamp papers

The next time you want to get a property registered, you might not have to run around applying for stamp papers and then match different denomination of stamp papers to add up to the total amount.
Travel Travel in the Wild

Travel in the Wild

This summer walk the wild side. We put together a selection of holidays that won’t pinch your pocket yet deliver on adventure.
Query Corner Should I buy a Ulip or a combination of a term plan and mutual funds?

Should I buy a Ulip or a combination of a term plan and mutual funds?

If you are looking at only risk cover, term insurance is the best and cheapest option for you. Ulips offer a combination of insurance and investment. However, Ulips come with administrative charges, which are high in the initial years but taper off with time.
New Business Ashish Kapur on how the Yo! China chain came about

Ashish Kapur on how the Yo! China chain came about

Ashish Kapur spent months researching the fast-food business before launching his Yo! China chain.
My Idea Certified success

Certified success

What good are cancelled shares and bond certificates? Pranav Gandhi, collector of old certificates shows it can be akin to owning some of the best companies.
Now and Then Cool on the pocket

Cool on the pocket

Here's a statistic that should make it easier to cope with the scorching summer months. Competitive pressures and cheaper imports have brought down prices of air conditioners significantly in the past 10 years.
Tax Can a retired person get deduction for rent

Can a retired person get deduction for rent

Yes, you can avail tax deduction for payment of rent subject to certain conditions. Read on to know the complete answer.
Talk Back I will retire next year, where should I invest

I will retire next year, where should I invest

It is difficult to suggest an investment strategy without knowing your financial details. As a rule of thumb, invest your retirement savings in a mix of fixed income instruments, monthly income plans of mutual funds and large-cap equity funds.
Books Clear your fundamentals

Clear your fundamentals

In the past few weeks, mutual funds have given negative returns. So investors have begun to review their fund strategy. If you want a book to brush up basics of fund investing, this one is a good choice says Sameer Bhardwaj.
Editor's Note From the managing editor

From the managing editor

Basic investing intelligence doesn’t require extraordinary skills or knowledge. All it takes is inclination and interest to understand simple calculations and principles.