• Anxious not worried. That describes the state of most stock market investors. We spoke to a few retail investors to understand and learn from their outlook and experience.
  • Everyone tells you what to buy and when. But do you know when and how to sell? Money Today take a look at this largely ignored market transaction.
  • It’s not yet certain whether we are in a short-term correction or a long-term bear market. But it won’t hurt to keep the following tips in mind.
  • The small-cap universe is a treasure trove of bargains - provided you can spot them. We tie up with Trisys Research to identify stocks that aren't in the limelight, but have the potential to give high returns.
  • With both portfolios taking a hit, Dipen Sheth gets into the fire-fighting mode by opting to increase the cash component and exiting from a number of stocks.
  • Periodic spurts notwithstanding, stock prices are down 25% from their peak. Learn what to do now.Why aren’t you panicky?A tempting opportunityWhy and when to sell stocksFeb 21 cover story: Riding the market swing
  • Tata Motors script is on the fall, on back of its acquisition of Jaguar and Land Rover with the company looking at availing a bridge loan for the $2.3 billion deal.
Expert View A tempting opportunity

A tempting opportunity

Investors with two years or longer investment horizon and even a moderate tolerance for volatility should consider investing in stocks now, says Prashant Jain. We present two papers written by him in January and March 2008.

Will the sky fall on our heads?

India seems to be firmly “coupled” with this contagion. From FII money backing out, and derivatives losses on the books of leading banks, we are seeing it all. The Sensex is down over 30% from its peak. So is it a time to average out your trades?

Cementing profits

Sagar’s fully diluted equity will be no more than Rs 14 crore after the 2.5 million TPA have gone on stream at the end of the first quarter of 2008-9. Perhaps it is this equity-capacity ratio that Blackstone evaluated when it decided to acquire shares.
Real Estate New opportunities in Naya Raipur

New opportunities in Naya Raipur

The recent announcement of a few major infrastructure projects and interest shown by mining, manufacturing and retail companies have perked up the property market in Raipur.
Banking The wallet in your mobile phone

The wallet in your mobile phone

It is easier than Internet banking, and potentially much bigger. Here’s how close you are to turning your mobile phone into your wallet.
Sector Scenario Ride the steel cycle

Ride the steel cycle

The demand-supply gap for steel is widening and analysts are positive about this sector. R Sree Ram tracks some promising stocks.
Technology Attractive add-ons

Attractive add-ons

The more we have, the more we want. That's particularly true of gadgets and gizmos. Here's a list of some of the accessories that could add value to your mobile devices.
Your Wallet Bargains get even better

Bargains get even better

Better quality, greater choices, competitive prices and easier loan facilities — the action in the second-hand car market is good for both buyers and sellers.

Bargain buy: Air conditioner

Price is not the same as value. This section highlights the least expensive model in a product category. If price is of no consequence, check out the most expensive model.
BASICS Bear markets: past, present and strategy

Bear markets: past, present and strategy

The stock prices have declined but sentiments in markets are still mixed. What do you do as an investor? We give you a snapshot of past three bear phases, key learnings from each and quick tips to limit losses-or even make gains.
Portfolio Doctor Unnecessary complications

Unnecessary complications

Hyderabad-based Shivanand Yalsangi must overhaul his investment strategy and increase monthly investments to meet his financial goals.
Now and Then Grain of truth

Grain of truth

Food grains (wheat and rice) have only a 5% weightage in the wholesale price index but being an item of every day consumption, even a small rise in their prices affects the household budget. Wheat flour (atta) prices have more than doubled in the past 14 years.
Upfront What's your inflation

What's your inflation

Did you know that a 6% growth in inflation can hurt you more than an 8% growth rate? No, we are not hallucinating, nor have we got our numbers mixed up but it’s a matter of historical fact.
Mutual Fund 'Refrain from speculating'

'Refrain from speculating'

Nimesh Chandan, Fund Manager, ICICI Prudential AMC shares his best as well as the worst decisions made on investment.

Rushing to lose

Prasunjit Mukherjee studies the cash position of equity funds during the bull phase and after the correction to raise some worrying questions.

Infrastructure funds as new trend

Infrastructure funds as a theme has caught on, but they are yet to reflect in their performance; the nature of long gestation of such schemes calls for patience and perseverance.
Careers Well anchored

Well anchored

Using her communication skills and varied interests, Lotty Alaric planned a move from being a school teacher to a television anchor and newsreader.
New Business Global strategy, desi success

Global strategy, desi success

How Dheeraj Gupta used McDonald’s and Burger King as role models when he was setting up his snack food empire.
Books Be your own broker

Be your own broker

Investors who want to learn how to manage their money without relying on financial brokers and advisers can learn from this book. They will also learn to discount market hype.
Editors Note From the managing editor

From the managing editor

Even in the best of times, which these certainly aren’t, stock investing is the ultimate test of patience. Every big fall or rise in the value of investment can be a call to sell or buy. Things become even harder when times aren’t good.
My Idea Signs of money

Signs of money

Mumbai-based Rattan Joneja saw a business opportunity where very few would have thought existed— creating designer name plates.And he’s earning dividends from his unique entrepreneurial idea.
Query Corner My life insurance premium is too high and prevents me from investing elsewhere

My life insurance premium is too high and prevents me from investing elsewhere

Life insurance is one of the most important, most bought but least understood financial products. Most people buy insurance policies in haste and then repent at leisure. Let us examine the options before you.
Talk Back Some brokers misuse clients' money for intra-day trading

Some brokers misuse clients' money for intra-day trading

We have often highlighted investor fraudulence and will further explore the facts that you have identified regarding broker misconduct. Keep an eye on our forthcoming issues.
Tax How can one collect tax refund?

How can one collect tax refund?

In case your income tax refund does not come from the income tax office you can personally visit your assessing officer with a copy of the acknowledgement of the return.