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  • A small but growing number of youth are turning aggressive investors and have wealth that their parents could only dream of at that age.
Mar 06, 2008
Stocks Koutons retail performs well

Koutons retail performs well

Daily trading volumes dipped for both the Sensex and Nifty. The Nifty 200-day moving average was below 5075 for most of the week ending 16 February.

Market watch as on Feb 13, 2008

Money Today scans dozens of research reports from investment houses every fortnight to present you the six most relevant stock recommendations.

A stock worth salting away

Saboo Sodium Chloro is a low-profile Jaipur-based company that is likely to post fatter cheques to shareholders.

Back to the basics

Amid wild price fluctuations in the markets, our fund manager swears by fundamentals. He buys a couple of shares each for the two portfolios.
Mutual Fund Magnum Taxgain beats others

Magnum Taxgain beats others

Returns from equity diversified and tax planning schemes have proved that diversified mutual funds should be held for a minimum period of three years. SBI has three funds in both categories.

'Money needs time to grow'

The fund manager, Principal Large Cap Fund shares his investment mantra with you.

Korean flavour in your portfolio

Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund seeks to diversify across sectors, market caps and investment styles to minimise risks during market volatility, the role of the fund manager and in-house research becomes critical.

The return of debt

Bond funds are relatively insulated from equity market vagaries. Money Today considers the benefits of debt.
In this MT Issue Money-wise youth

Money-wise youth

How many young investors invest in equities? How many buy real estate? Money Today, in collaboration with Evalueserve and Greenfield, polled over 400 young workers to understand their attitude to investing. The key findings:

Crash landing

It was to be the year of initial public offerings (IPOs) with public issues worth Rs 70,000 crore supposedly lined up for 2008. The year started off with a bang for investors.
Expert View Are you starting right?

Are you starting right?

Investing well—as some youth have begun to—doesn’t mean end of confusion. Money Today spoke to four experts to clarify five fundamentals.

How can Budget make us richer

Taxpayers are hoping that income tax slabs will be aligned with the rate of inflation and the pace of growth in other sectors of the economy.

How to live with market volatility

Losing 50% requires you to gain 100% to make up for your loss! A year of bad performance with a concentrated position can undo five years or more of good work.
Financial Planning Budget, economy and the markets

Budget, economy and the markets

Global and domestic macroeconomic events can have a greater impact on your finances than you would think. Here is a quick guide.
BASICS Chidambaram and your pocket

Chidambaram and your pocket

Select measures taken by the finance minister in the past four Budgets that made you richer—or poorer.

10 things to watch out for on budget day

As you sit down to watch Budget on 29 February, keep this handy. When you hear any of the 10 items listed in the first column of the table below, tick on what the finance minister has proposed.
New Business Making careers, minting money

Making careers, minting money

Satya Narayanan R spotted a profitable and unexploited niche in the education business.Today, his company straddles an entire range of educational services.
Tax Is provident fund amount taxable

Is provident fund amount taxable

Trading in derivatives is not a speculative transaction according to Section 43(5) of the Income Tax Act. However, the income from futures will be short-term gains. If you are an investor you will have to pay 10% short-term capital gains tax.

The tax saver advantage

Equity-linked savings schemes have become a popular way of saving income tax under Section 80C.We identify the best tax planning funds.
Your Wallet Inexpensive & convenient

Inexpensive & convenient

Self-monitoring health-care devices are convenient to use and, in the long run, are easy on your wallet too. Here’s a price and availability guide.
Query Corner What does a monthly reducing loan mean?

What does a monthly reducing loan mean?

In the monthly reducing cycle, the principal is reduced with every EMI and the interest is calculated on the balance outstanding. Most home, vehicle and personal loans are computed on a monthly reducing basis.
Insight Steel yourself

Steel yourself

Waiting for a big correction in real estate? Well, it’s not going to happen any time soon because prices of key inputs in housing have risen sharply.
Sector Scenario Time to consider IT?

Time to consider IT?

In a new, more exhaustive version of Sector Watch, Money Today culls out information from different brokers, who are reversing their bearish stance on IT.
Real Estate Ranchi: Jharkhand's trade hub

Ranchi: Jharkhand's trade hub

Ranchi, being the state capital, is the trade hub of the region and attracts investments from all over Jharkhand. This, coupled with improvement in infrastructure, has resulted in increased residential demand as well.
Technology Money games

Money games

Buy high, sell low. Or is it the other way around? You could learn the ins and outs of the financial world by losing a large chunk of your money in the real markets.
My Idea Green money

Green money

In finding a solution to the problem of household waste, designer Poonam Bir Kasturi also found a lucrative business.
Talk Back Your analysis of stock market was thorough

Your analysis of stock market was thorough

Keeping an eye on institutional investors is a good idea as these funds are managed by professionals with in-depth knowledge of the markets. We have done articles on gold, especially gold exchange traded funds. Watch out for more stories on precious metals.
Editor's Note From the managing editor

From the managing editor

Indians are among the world’s best savers. Since saving is income not spent, good savers are, by default, intelligent spenders too. But that’s where mastery over money ends.
Portfolio Doctor Ambition and investment mismatch

Ambition and investment mismatch

Chandraprabha singh must save aggressively to make the best use of the power of compounding.
Books Fortune for a lifetime

Fortune for a lifetime

This guide to equity portfolios will appeal to involved investors, especially the youth.