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  • Some want to retire as crorepatis. Others want to retire at 40. No matter what the goal, smart planning can take you there.Start young, retire richOn the home stretch by 40
  • India is a young country and the present generation represents “Money Today”. This is a confident and impatient generation, born or growing up in the 90s.
  • Plan early to be able to retire from the rat race and follow your dream, says Narayan Krishnamurthy.
  • Your retirement home should not eat into your retirement corpus, says Narayan Krishnamurthy.
  • You can save enough for a comfortable retirement even if you begin in your 50s, says Kamya Jaiswal.
  • No dependants doesn’t mean no planning. Singles need to focus on individual needs, says Sushmita Choudhury.
  • Unit-linked plans from insurers and funds offer several benefits, say Narayan Krishnamurthy and Rakesh Rai.
  • Priya Kapoor says you should talk to your parents about their retirement plans and bridge any shortfall.
  • Women should be aware, if not actively involved, in planning their own retirement, says Narayan Krishnamurthy.
  • You might have to work in a city, says Rakesh Rai, but you don’t have to let urban smog ruin your sunset years.
  • There’s life and career after retirement, say R. Sree Ram and Sushmita Choudhury.
  • More and more people are keen to live it up after retirement. This is because the fastest growing age group in India has a host of benefits earmarked for them. Sushmita Choudhury and Namrata Dadwal highlight some of these.
  • Allocating resources in a good mix of growth and debt investments is essential. The risk profile of the portfolio should slowly go down as one gets closer to retirement.
  • After retirement, your monthly pension will be taxed as salary at the applicable slab rates. If you take a lumpsum payment, the amount will be tax-free in your hands.
Mutual Fund Equity meltdown affects Mutual funds

Equity meltdown affects Mutual funds

The current meltdown in equity markets has wiped out the returns equity funds made in the past two years.

What's in a NAV?

One of the most common terms you come across while investing in mutual funds is its NAV or the net asset value. It is essential to know the NAV when you buy the units of a mutual fund or when you plan to sell them.
Stocks PSU banking stocks perform well

PSU banking stocks perform well

PSU banking stocks have outperformed broader markets as easing monetary policy is expected to benefit them.

A guide for investors

The Bombay Stock Exchange and Money Today bring you an easy to understand guide on the stock markets which every individual investor must read.

It's back to square one

From 10,500 to 10,500. It looks like the Sensex has come full circle in two years. But there could be more pain ahead as the past bear phases have lasted one to four years.

Finally, time to get greedy

With the markets at a 24-month low, this may be the last fortnight when Dipen Sheth resists the temptation to buy.
Portfolio Doctor Hey, you can do it too

Hey, you can do it too

We reveal how the Portfolio Doctor spots the problems in your finances. Watch out for these alerts to keep your money on track.
Books 10 books to reach retirement nirvana

10 books to reach retirement nirvana

Narayan Krishnamurthy picks some bestsellers that have helped people the world over chalk out a retirement plan.
BASICS Are you ready for retirement?

Are you ready for retirement?

You want to opt out of the rat race and relax on the beach. But have you considered what it entails? Answer these questions to know how well prepared you are for retirement.
Financial Planning Looking ahead

Looking ahead

The year 2007 was remarkable for virtually every asset class. Money Today reached out to experts on stocks, real estate, mutual funds and commodities for their views on the way the markets will pan out in the coming times.
Insurance Plan for your retirement

Plan for your retirement

All you want in your golden years is a serene and carefree life. You can make sure that your retired life is comfortable by planning meticulously and through disciplined investing. Here’s a primer on what you can do and what you should avoid in the present to make your future financially secure.
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Expert View 7 deadly indiscretions

7 deadly indiscretions

The person who surprises me the most is the investor. Brokers and bankers do illogical things because self-interest is involved. But why does an investor behave so irrationally when his own money is at stake?

Why voluntary pension is good

People must be educated about the benefits of voluntary participation in the New Pension Scheme. They must be made aware of the long-term nature of retirement savings and the relationship between risk and return on investments.
Banking Credit scores over debit

Credit scores over debit

Credit cards are not always bad. Despite the surging popularity of debit cards, here are six reasons why you should still opt for a credit card.
Editors Note From the editor-in-chief

From the editor-in-chief

As we celebrate another year of learning and helping you become richer, we welcome one more Diwali. We hope that this festival of lights brings cheer and prosperity in these gloomy times.