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  • The second Money Today-Value Research annual guide to help you review and revise your fund portfolio.All you Want to Know about mutual fundsFunds to weather the bear marketsArchive: First mutual fund guideSmall towns, big investments
  • A new stream of mutual fund investors from non-metros is making money—and a difference.
  • Mutual funds expect people to be aware of their investment objectives and to invest according to their risk appetites. So a riskaverse person investing in an equity-oriented fund is as inappropriate as a risk-lover investing in a debt fund.
Mutual Fund Opportunity loss

Opportunity loss

The cost of not staying invested can be significant. It can be the difference between building wealth or eroding it.

All you want to know about all funds

Money Today-Value Research funds ready reference is an analysis of 748 funds across 11 most relevant parameters of evaluation.

Wrappers: Better than Ulips?

Currently, regulation in India does not allow for a wrapper structure, but once in place, insurance firms and fund providers can jointly offer as near a customised product as possible by allowing clients to choose the right mix of risk cover wrapped around funds.

The year of commodities

Indian mutual fund investors have come of age and now follow a contrarian strategy: they invest during market corrections. More importantly, they have shown patience in the bear run by continuing to stay invested.
BASICS Build a fund portfolio

Build a fund portfolio

Buying funds randomly does not a portfolio make. You must have a strategy that determines which funds to buy and how much to invest in each. Here are five questions to help you decide whether a particular fund should be in your portfolio. Turn overleaf to understand your fund’s investment style.
Expert View Four golden rules for today's investor

Four golden rules for today's investor

Mutual fund investing is a bit like marriage. A bad year is hardly the reason to quit. If you don’t consider divorce as an option when you begin, chances are your marriage will last.

Where do I invest?

The two questions I’m often asked in these turbulent times are: ‘Where do I invest?’ and ‘How much money should go into debt and equity?’

Funds to weather the bear markets

A mutual fund expert blends objective analysis with a dose of subjectivity to list funds that can withstand any market phase.

Opportunity in times of crisis

The equity pendulum swings between euphoria and panic, creating opportunities. In the current scenario, where fear and market sentiment are overshadowing the fundamentals, Indian equities offer a great risk-reward opportunity.

The right time to sell a fund

The best thing to do is compare the fund with its stated benchmark. If it underperforms for two consecutive periods, it’s a clear sign to dispose it of. The second indicator to sell is when the fund underperforms its peers.

FMPs for lower tax

Fixed maturity plans are closed-ended investment schemes with maturity periods ranging from one month to a few years, which typically invest in lowrisk debt and money market instruments.
Stocks Putting idle cash to work

Putting idle cash to work

With markets in the doldrums, fund manager Dipen Sheth puts a chunk of the cash in the two portfolios in a fixed maturity plan. Should you too?

Zandu Pharma perform well

Pharma stocks have gained momentum because of robust first-quarter earnings.

Dawn or dusk?

Do the first-quarter results point to the end of bear phase in the markets or the beginning of a long wait for profits from stocks? Here are some answers.
Portfolio Doctor Near-perfect strategy

Near-perfect strategy

Kochi-based N Krishna Anand is a disciplined and aware investor. But he must tweak his strategy for equity investments and increase the insurance cover.
In this MT Issue First steps in reforming your pension

First steps in reforming your pension

For too long now, the pension sector has been a woefully neglected stepchild for everyone—government, regulators and investors. Now, hopefully, the first step towards pension reforms has been taken.
My Story Spa in motion

Spa in motion

When Mumbai-based Pankaj and Kim Sharma realised that people with 24x7 lives had no time to unwind, they launched Power Spa, a mobile service that offers quick therapies at home or office, even at parties.
New Business Making room for success

Making room for success

Patu Keswani used his experience to spot a business opportunity and gave it all to ensure it worked.
Talk Back Do a story on job opportunities for physically challenged

Do a story on job opportunities for physically challenged

It is sad, but true, that corporates discriminate against the physically challenged. We shall consider doing a story which discusses the employment opportunities available to such people.
Banking 5 hidden banking charges

5 hidden banking charges

Banks offer all kind of lucrative schemes. But we suggest you to look before you leap at the enticing service. They might incur a high fee.
Now and Then Cup of woes

Cup of woes

The consumers of coffee far outnumber the investors in this commodity. For them, the price depends to a large extent on where they have it—at home or a trendy cafe.
Editors Note From the managing editor

From the managing editor

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