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  • Young entrepreneurs are facing their first major crisis: scarce capital, runaway clients and rejected products. It is possible to deal with such situations by seeking out-of-the-box solutions.
  • A Money Today survey reveals that the under-35 age group is not afraid of losing jobs and has reduced expenses. But some are still taking risks.
  • If you want to protect your progeny from financial vagaries, you need to start planning early. Find out the best way to safeguard your kids' tomorrow.A financial cause for the rebel Finding the correct balance Innovating to stay ahead
  • Many teenagers are notorious for going against the rules and for wanton spending of hard-earned money. Here's how you can inculcate money skills and instil financial discipline at this difficult age.
  • Nobody is teaching anything about money. While schools teach our children the three 'R's, they don't do much to help them develop basic financial skills.
  • Struck by the slowdown, those in the 25-35-year age group have shown surprising resilience. These children of good times have restrategised their finances so well that all investors can learn from them.
Apr 16, 2009
BASICS Is your kid money smart?

Is your kid money smart?

Even though it is not part of the school curriculum, you must teach your kid to manage finances. Take this test to check your child's financial IQ.
My Idea On a sound track

On a sound track

Passion for music and the need to find an outlet for their creativity led five youngsters to set up TempoStand, an online forum that promotes and showcases Indian music talent.
Technology More free stuff for your computer

More free stuff for your computer

Have you been looking for better Windows alternatives like an affordable editor or a feature-rich browser? In the final part of the free software series, we present a list of Internet-based options that are sure to suit your needs.
Insight Systematic or lump-sum investment?

Systematic or lump-sum investment?

While SIPs gave decent returns during the bull run, lump-sum investments at the start of this period grew manifold.

What consumers know about savings, investments and spending

Consumers' savings behaviour, spending priorities and attitude towards investing have been affected by the slowdown. we look at two surveys for an insight.

MNC subsidiaries fare well

They have fared well in the past three months mainly due to their strong earnings outlook.

A snapshot of the rupee's performance

Here's an insight into the rupee's performance to help you take decisions on travel and overseas investments.
Books Prepare for the worst

Prepare for the worst

While the book raises fears about the future, it offers tips on prospering during bad times.
New Business Access code

Access code

Spotting the potential in software helped Saurabh Srivastava achieve spectacular success. He now funds other ventures and mentors the IT industry.
Tax Can I claim TDS benefit when I file my return?

Can I claim TDS benefit when I file my return?

You can claim benefit of savings made under Section 80C provided the savings were made before March 31.
Banking How to send money abroad

How to send money abroad

Here's what you should know about the Reserve Bank of India's Liberalised Remittance Scheme.
Expert View How to construct a stock portfolio

How to construct a stock portfolio

Besides having an investment philosophy and understanding their risk profiles, here are some steps that can help retail investors construct a stock portfolio.

Voting for prosperity

Ultimately, investors and citizens require the same set of enabling conditions to prosper. It seems that whatever prosperity either class has achieved in India has been in spite of the governments, not because of them.
Portfolio Doctor On the brink of revival

On the brink of revival

Lack of financial expertise has proved expensive for Surat-based Roy as his corpus is meagre and his goals are approaching fast. The only way out is to invest — a lot.
Query Corner How to decide on asset allocation for portfolio?

How to decide on asset allocation for portfolio?

Pankaj Singhal is unsure about how much he should invest in each asset class. Here we explain the rationale behind investing.
In this MT Issue Coupling for convenience

Coupling for convenience

In a bid to encourage sales, unlikely retailers are pooling resources to offer consumers more value for their money.

How to voice a complaint

Instead of fretting over a faulty product or flawed service, redress your grievance by adopting the right approach at the appropriate forum. We tell you how.
Insurance A pause in policy

A pause in policy

Defaulting on the premium of an insurance policy can result in a lapse. Here's what women should consider before reviving or surrendering it in favour of a new one.

Have a safe trip

If you are planning a trip abroad, take travel insurance. The cover will not only help deal with medical exigencies but also take care of flight-related inconveniences.

Tier advantage

If you want to supplement your health cover at low cost, top-up plans are a good option.
Stocks A profitable beginning

A profitable beginning

Within a fortnight of reconstructing Safe Wealth, the portfolio has delivered positive returns. Now, Dipen Sheth is focusing on choosing stocks for Wealth Zoom.

Pedigree players

Both professionally managed family businesses and MNC subsidiaries make for good stock picks, not only because they weather the downturns better but also because they offer long-term investors a chance to create wealth.
Mutual Fund Sure footed

Sure footed

Franklin Templeton was the first in India to offer open-ended funds in 1993, when it was called Kothari Pioneer.

Point of purchase

Before you buy a mutual fund, it is important to know the types of funds available in the market, their investment objectives and whether they match your financial goals.
Upfront Time for a realty check

Time for a realty check

When it comes to affordability - whether you are waiting for prices to come down or take a home loan, or even if you are repaying one - this year is turning out to be better than the previous one.
Talk Back Do companies in India offer severance packages?

Do companies in India offer severance packages?

Severance packages are more common in other countries, but most multinational corporations in India also offer one.
Editors Note From the Executive Editor

From the Executive Editor

Those above 35 years, who took exceptional risks and became overexposed to equities, should be ruthless in exiting dud stocks and funds.