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  • The government recently announced a 2% cut in excise duty and service tax rate to put some money into individual wallets and to boost consumer demand.
Mar 19, 2009
Mutual Fund Enviable record

Enviable record

SBI Mutual Fund was established in 1987 and traces its lineage to SBI, India’s largest banking enterprise.

Creating a new space

Here's a detailed evaluation of  Plexus Management new fund by Money Today...

A fund's pillars

If you want realistic expectations from your mutual fund, want to choose rightly between funds and evaluate your options in case of investment problems, it’s important for you to know the players that comprise a fund.
Technology Sound choice

Sound choice

To enhance your acoustic pleasure, get a worthy set of speakers. Namrata Dadwal lists out speakers, most of which will easily fit your budget. Go on, listen.
Investment Investing right in the long-term

Investing right in the long-term

Here is a look at how nominal amounts invested in the stocks of some companies would have multiplied your wealth several times over the years.

4 reasons to buy gold

Babar Zaidi spoke to a range of experts and came up with four reasons why you should consider investing in gold even at these stratospheric rates.

Reacting to the new entrant

Govt is set to launch an ambitious pension scheme from April 1 to provide social security to an estimated 80 million people. We look at how this scheme can help you and analyse the existing pension options. Try our retirement corpus calculator Make haste slowly Why the advantage was lost Supplement your Provident Plans  

Make haste slowly

The new voluntary pension plan is set to open for subscription to all citizens from 1 April. We look at the nuances of this scheme, how it will work and what you should watch out for.

Supplement your Provident Plans

The PF is an inadequate cushion for retirement, but it is an inexpensive first step towards planning for later years, at least for those in the organised sector.
Portfolio Doctor Ignoring the details

Ignoring the details

Vadodara-based Patels are following the correct investment approach, but must refine their choice of financial instruments.
Stocks Stocks at a good bargain

Stocks at a good bargain

For our second model portfolio, Wealth Zoom, Dipen Sheth picks out stocks that show distinct potential and are now available at discounted prices.

The power to profit

The government’s thrust on power is good news for the sector, but investors must watch out for project delays because of the credit drought, says R. Sree Ram

When the bear attacks

Track trends of the stocks and use this guide to make the right decisions in a bear market.
Tax Is fixed entertainment allowance taxable?

Is fixed entertainment allowance taxable?

Entertainment allowance is fully taxable for all private sector employees. However, government employees are eligible for exemption if...
Insight To be a landlord or a tenant?

To be a landlord or a tenant?

By postponing the purchase of the property by a year, the buyer can reduce his EMI by almost 28%. We show you how...
Query Corner What is the Volatility Index?

What is the Volatility Index?

Ganesh Balasubramanian of Coimbatore wants to understand how small investors can use the India Volatility Index (VIX) to their advantage. Here’s what the India VIX means and what sets it apart from other market indices such as the Nifty and the Sensex.
My Idea Art of short selling

Art of short selling

Buying an art souvenir for their infant nephew inspired Delhi-based sisters Samira Khandelwal, 29, and Anshu Morarka, 31, to set up Kroma, an art gallery just for kids.
Money Today Basics Retirement and pension

Retirement and pension

Here’s how to figure out how much you will need in your sunset years and whether your savings will be enough. Try our retirement corpus calculator.
Editor's Note From the Executive Editor

From the Executive Editor

Most experts advocate that you should stay invested in equities for the long term (10, 20, or 30 years). Studies show that if you do that, the chances of your losing money are negligible.
Talk Back '˜Why shouldn't one buy PSU stocks during a market boom?'

'˜Why shouldn't one buy PSU stocks during a market boom?'

All sectors do not perform uniformly in all market conditions. For instance, FMCG companies were neglected in the past bull run as investors concentrated on high-growth firms.
Insurance Cover all bases

Cover all bases

The public liability policy is an important plan, especially for professionals, to protect against eventualities that can result in damage to third parties.

Read between lines

Women must read the fine print for clarity on features to ensure that they don’t lose out on insurance benefits.
New Business Ringing in change

Ringing in change

 Vijay Shekhar Sharmahjas made a success of his One97Communications by adding unprecedented value to mobile services. The credit goes to a prodigious streak and  persistence.
Economy Tough going

Tough going

Here is a recap of the spillover effects of the ongoing economic imbroglio in the past fortnight, across the globe.

It's time to take the bait

Contrary to popular perception, slowdown is often a good time for savvy spending. In the first of a three-part series on recession bargains, Sushmita Choudhury tells you how to sniff out offers on electronics, apparel and eating out.
Expert View The route to recovery

The route to recovery

It is not clear how India will tackle the erosion of demand in IT services and whether it will be able to manage the backlash of unemployment in this sector when the US tightens the screws on outsourcing.
Savings Why the advantage was lost

Why the advantage was lost

Unless the issues plaguing the central government pension plan are resolved, it won’t benefit the members.
Books The rule of five

The rule of five

It’s a good time to take sane advice on stock-picking. Pat Dorsey’s seemingly simple, but useful, tips could help, says R. Sree Ram.
Banking A step up for borrowing

A step up for borrowing

A step-up home loan allows the repayment schedule to be adjusted according to the expected increase in a borrower’s annual salary.