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  • Does Budget 2009-10 mean that you will pay less tax? Does it imply that the food prices will come down? We look at how the Budget will affect us.
Jul 23, 2009
Insight Should you buy a gold fund or jewellery?

Should you buy a gold fund or jewellery?

Gold funds have lower charges and offer greater liquidity and safety than gold ornaments.

Economic Survey 2008-09

Here are some of the key facts highlighted in this survey.

Go for infra stocks

Stocks of infrastructure development companies have fared well in the past three months.

Mutual fund monitor

Investing only to save tax might not be a good idea.

Railway Budget highlights

Through this Budget, I am committed to initiatives that will bring satisfaction to the travelling public, says Mamata Banerjee, Union Railways Minister.
Upfront Gain or loss?

Gain or loss?

The recent Sebi diktat to do away with entry loads on mutual funds has resulted in mixed feelings among the three key stakeholders.
Technology Get in touch

Get in touch

Tap the screen to make a call, take a photo, connect to the Internet…. Who needs those chiclet keys any more? But how do you choose the right touchscreen phone?
Query Corner Do I need to report dividends in my ITR?

Do I need to report dividends in my ITR?

Dividends from Indian companies are exempt because they pay a Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT) of 15%.
Travel The battle of clicks

The battle of clicks

Can the 12 new travel portals that have come up in the past year take on the established players?
Real Estate Can you afford a cheap home?

Can you afford a cheap home?

The house pegged as ‘affordable’ may not be worth the price you are paying. Consider its location and sundry charges before picking up one.
Portfolio Doctor Not enough salt

Not enough salt

Though Kochi-based Pranay Singh has the right mix of equity and debt, his choice of financial products needs to be drastically upgraded to achieve the targeted returns.
Smart Spending Surf, click, buy, save

Surf, click, buy, save

Convenience and low prices are spurring more and more Indians to purchase goods and services through the Net.
My Idea The money trail

The money trail

Manu Mehta and Akshay Chhugani have created a new travel niche with their exclusive services for Indian and foreign backpackers.
BASICS The Budget and you

The Budget and you

The Budget affects the way we earn, spend, save and invest, but its heavy jargon often makes it difficult to understand how it impacts us. We simplify the text, as well as the context, to help you grasp it.
Stocks 8 stocks to stack after Budget

8 stocks to stack after Budget

The Budget may have shaken the markets, but you can still pick some gems from the infrastructure, FMCG, auto and pharmaceutical sectors.

Profit from dividends

When stock prices fall, the dividend-yielding scrips offer a cushion to investors. But do these options make for a good buy when the prices go up?

Stocking up on short-sells

Wealth Zoom has taken a hit because of the rally in the equity markets, but Dipen Sheth is convinced it’s a temporary phase and continues to short-sell.
E2E Limited liability, unlimited benefits

Limited liability, unlimited benefits

An LLP combines the ease of running a partnership with the limited liability of a company.
Talk Back When is penalty for filing late I-T return waived off?

When is penalty for filing late I-T return waived off?

Some genuine reasons for not filing on time could be a serious illness or injury suffered by the assessee or a family member.
Editor's Note From the Executive Editor

From the Executive Editor

Pragmatic and realistic. Boring and unimaginative. These are the two sets of phrases being used by experts to describe Pranab Mukherjee’s Budget.
Mutual Fund Rock solid

Rock solid

The fund house was set up in 1997, but has come into its own in the past four years with a strong equity-focused portfolio.
New Business Styled for mass appeal

Styled for mass appeal

Vijay Bansal entered the apparel market late, but targeted the middle class to find space for Cantabil.
Expert View How to bridge the fiscal gap

How to bridge the fiscal gap

Dipen Sheth offers a solution to tackling the ballooning fiscal deficit — the government should tap the nearly Rs 50 lakh crore of illegal money stashed abroad by Indians.

Lack lustre

The Budget is, at best, a window dressing — there’s something for everybody, but there are no sweeping changes or reforms to rev up the economy.
Books Tomorrow's truths

Tomorrow's truths

It could have been dismissed as yet another tome devoted to deciphering the Crisis. But in predicting the global trends and explaining how they can be of use, the book demands a read by serious investors, says P.V. Subramanyam.
Banking Did you know...

Did you know...

...about the various rules that govern banking transactions? Here are some that can make your dealings smoother, more convenient and less time-consuming.