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My Idea

  • For Chennai-based Anushka Ravishankar, 48, freelance editing proved the proverbial stepping stone for her first love - writing. Now, the one-time software professional pens fantasies for kids.
Feb 05, 2009
Technology PowerToys for Windows XP

PowerToys for Windows XP

Windows Vista is possibly the most feature-rich operating system (ok, from the Microsoft stable). But it's perennially hungry for resources, writes Harpreet Singh.
Mutual Fund The Satyam effect on mutual funds

The Satyam effect on mutual funds

The total investment in Satyam Computers by 95 equity mutual funds was Rs 681.65 crore (as on December 31, 2008).

Tracking your mutual fund returns

Even though people believe the fund manager is using his expertise to generate returns on the investment, it is imperative to keep tabs on how the fund is being managed and how the investment is faring.

A steady winner

In a 10-part series, we look at some of the big fund houses. The first one is the HDFC Mutual Fund.
Insurance Term and health insurance plan rates

Term and health insurance plan rates

Health insurance is a tool for cutting risk and making lives simpler. The premium depends on your age, the cover and even your city in some cases.

Take the safe route

Insurance helps you avoid the double whammy of accidents, which can not only lead to inhibitive treatment costs but also impact your income temporarily.

Split your life insurance

Instead of buying one omnibus life insurance policy, it is beneficial to take smaller plans of varying terms. This makes the insurance needs come down, as well as the premium cost.

Select the right nominee

Nomination helps women ensure that the proceeds of the policy go to the desired person.

How to insure returns

While a guaranteed return policy makes for a good pick in the current environment, make sure your portfolio is not heavily skewed towards such schemes, writes Tanvi Varma.
Stocks The best medicine

The best medicine

Investing in select pharma stocks might be the shot in the arm that your portfolio needs in times of a slowdown. The general environment for the pharma industry, particularly for domestic companies, seems positive.

Satyam Computer: Bulk deals on the NSE

For FIIs, B.R. Raju's confession on Jan 7 was a clear sign to exit the stock.

A not-so-good time for the Sensex

None of the 30 stocks of the Sensex have made any significant mark on the bourses in the last quarter.
BASICS Plan your 2009

Plan your 2009

This calendar will help you keep tabs on important financial deadlines through the year.
Now and Then Bitter sweet

Bitter sweet

On an average, burfi prices have risen by more than 11% every year in the past 17 years.
Query Corner Should I delay buying life insurance to save premium?

Should I delay buying life insurance to save premium?

R. Nagesh of Kochi wants to know if he should delay buying insurance. He will not benefit if he does so.
Expert View Tax-efficient cover

Tax-efficient cover

Before you buy insurance, factor in the tax implications. Follow these tips.

Here's how to please investors

Boards and top managements need to behave in a way that tells the shareholders: we are squeaky clean, good at our business and can negotiate hard, but we will not cross the line when it comes to following the law and fairness in our dealings, writes Dipen Sheth.

Stocks with the winning edge

Dipen Sheth predicts more gloom for the stock market, but also spreads a little cheer as he explains why the three stocks for Safe Wealth can be long-term winners.
Portfolio Doctor A bundle of contradictions

A bundle of contradictions

Delhi-based Saha has taken the initiative to maximise the returns from his income, but his over-confidence in stock-picking threatens to nullify this advantage.
Tax How do I claim my income tax refund?

How do I claim my income tax refund?

You can either visit your assessing officer with a copy of the acknowledgement of your income-tax return or write to the income-tax office enclosing the details.
Upfront Hope still on hold

Hope still on hold

According to a survey, 52% of the Indian companies feel that the economic conditions will weaken further in the next six months.
Talk Back 'People fail to maximise returns'

'People fail to maximise returns'

Most people invest in tax-saving instruments at the last minute. Though they meet the Rs 1-lakh investment limit, they fail to maximise the potential returns from this sum.
Editors Note From the Executive Editor

From the Executive Editor

For agencies like Sebi and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the Satyam scam is an opportunity to clean up the system and present a better face of India and its markets to investors.
New Business How to be a 'Yes' man

How to be a 'Yes' man

A dream, destiny and the desire to succeed led Rana Kapoor to set up Yes Bank, one of the most savvy private banks in the country.
Economy Regulating the regulators

Regulating the regulators

The absence of an umbrella regulatory body and poor disciplinary proceedings have left the investors open to the risk of recurring scams.

Inside Ramalinga Raju's mind

What pushed Raju to confess something he had so carefully hidden from the world for seven years? We look at the possible factors that may have triggered his decision to come clean.

An alliance of profit

Collective action is beneficial for small investors as it helps them check their losses and punish the perpetrators of fraud.

Slow track

Depression, recession, bear market... all have translated to job scares, a slowdown in demand and panic attacks. Here is a recap of the spillover effects of the ongoing economic imbroglio in the past fortnight, across the globe.

The dark underbelly of Indian IT

We take a peek into the Indian IT sector and discover that it is not as squeaky clean as it is made out to be.

How to spot corporate cons

Company owners occasionally use loopholes in the law to serve their own interests, leaving small investors in the lurch. Here's how to identify them.Inside Ramalinga Raju's mind The dark underbelly of Indian IT Regulating the regulators
Books Book of job: How to get one

Book of job: How to get one

Don't be deterred by the tedium of reading this book. If you are an out-of-job IT worker, it could translate into employment, says Alam Srinivas.
Banking Travel money

Travel money

To avoid carrying cash while vacationing abroad, go for traveller's cheques or travel cards. They are safer and more convenient.