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  • JP Morgan has loaned Rs 261 crore to Godrej Consumer Products.
  • The AUM witnessed a drastic fall in Oct and Nov 2008 after the FMP liquidity crisis, but the inflows have been rising for the past two months.
  • Here’s a look at the job prospects over the next few months based on surveys.
Mar 05, 2009
Stocks What to buy in a downturn

What to buy in a downturn

Don't shy away from equities because of the slowdown. Here are four investment ideas that could yield rich rewards if you stay put for the long term.

On a buyback spree

If you had bought Jindal Poly Films shares a year ago after doing your homework and had planned to hold the stock till the price touched, say, Rs 400. Should you sell now simply because the company is offering to buy back at Rs 350 a share?

How to spot the next boom

A mix of micro and macro indicators has influenced stock market movements and it holds the key to knowing when the next bull run will begin. Here are 10 such factors to watch out for.

The last of stock taking

We list out the final two stocks that we want to pick up for the Safe Wealth model portfolio before going on a buying spree in the next fortnight.
Technology Concept phones

Concept phones

Here are some phones that dare to differ, add zing, up the comfort quotient-and may even be in the market soon. The prices are on hold, but the concepts are up for appraisal, says Brinda Vasudevan.
Mutual Fund Reliable growth

Reliable growth

Reliance Mutual Fund  is the biggest fund house, with 136 fund schemes across different investment categories.

Banking on a niche market

The only possible advantage that the fund offers over the Nifty and the Sensex ETFs is that its investments will adhere to Islamic norms.

Art of allocation

Asset allocation funds can churn the corpus across asset classes as per the changing economic conditions.
Economy Hitting hard

Hitting hard

Here is a recap of the spillover effects of the ongoing economic imbroglio in the past fortnight, across the globe.
Upfront Riding on hope

Riding on hope

Sebi has gone on record to say that it’s working on the details of a variable mutual fund structure, triggering renewed hopes among investors.
Money Today Basics Surviving a bear market

Surviving a bear market

Though there is no clear definition of a bear market, in India such phases have lasted anywhere from 56 weeks to 84 weeks, with the market losing between 41% and 57% from the peak levels. Here are some ways to survive the meltdown.
Query Corner Where should I invest my retirement corpus?

Where should I invest my retirement corpus?

Arun Kumar Bannerjee of Bokaro has no liabilities and has already invested nearly Rs 13 lakh directly in stocks and through equity mutual funds. Now he wants a monthly income for his living expenses.
Tax If I sell my flat, will it impact the capital gains exemption?

If I sell my flat, will it impact the capital gains exemption?

According to the Income Tax Act, the property on which the capital gains tax exemption is claimed cannot be sold before three years of its purchase.
In this MT Issue Stretch plastic for more benefits

Stretch plastic for more benefits

If you rarely roll over the balance on your credit card, the rate doesn't matter. The add-on benefits offered by the card assume greater importance.

Save up to Rs 12,000 a year

Money Today has done some calculations to discover that, on an average, an urban Indian family could be shelling out close to Rs 12,000 a year as fees.

'Hotel tarrifs should be reduced'

Many companies are setting up budget hotels, which should help resolve this issue and provide quality service at reasonable rates.
Banking Reboot your home loan

Reboot your home loan

The low rates being offered on new mortgages present an opportunity to refinance. We tell you the points to consider before switching to a new lender.

Cash for swiping

Cash-back cards can work to your advantage if you read the fine print.

Education on credit

Now may be a right time to take a loan to study. We show you how to bag the best deal and why it might be easier to borrow in the future.
Travel The globe on a bargain

The globe on a bargain

Taking a foreign holiday during a recession can translate to big savings. Sushmita Choudhury looks at five popular destinations that are worth a visit.
Portfolio Doctor Too little, too wrong

Too little, too wrong

Chennai-based Nachiappans have missed the crucial years of investing and must go full throttle on equities to make up for the loss.
My Idea Handy craft

Handy craft

Bengaluru-based Rafiullah Baig, 35, aids corporate recruitment and helps detect crimes by analysing handwriting.
Editor's Note From the Executive Editor

From the Executive Editor

Every bear phase comes to an end and is followed by a new, and usually a longer, bull era.
Insurance On the house

On the house

Insuring your home and its valuables is as essential as buying cover for your life. However, go only for the sections that meet your specific requirements.

Tax-saving covers

While a life or health insurance policy is the ideal way for women to reduce liability, it should not be considered the primary reason for buying one.
Sector Scenario Charting a new trade route

Charting a new trade route

Rakesh Verma's first foray into entrepreneurship lacked direction, so he changed tack. Today, MapmyIndia is part of the new business mosaic that he has successfully navigated.
Expert View Obstacles for a bull run

Obstacles for a bull run

We have to remove the pathogens that have infested the Indian economy. These include easy money, loose leveraging, crooked managements and inept governance.
Investment Higher rate, higher risk

Higher rate, higher risk

With banks slashing interest rates on fixed deposits, investors are looking at corporate debt as an alternative. But these instruments are more risky than the bank FDs.
Books Signals for survival

Signals for survival

The collision model proposed to ride out the choppy economy may seem abstruse to the lay reader, but paying heed to the 'signals' may prove profitable, argues P.V. Subramanyam.