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  • While getting a good price for a product or a service makes for a savvy buyer, it is equally important to be an intelligent consumer, by getting value for your money.
  • If the consumer redressal forum feels that the service rendered is deficient, it can order a refund or a compensation for the consumer.
  • To dissuade information seekers, RTI commissioners often reject applications because they are ‘not in the correct format’.
Nov 01, 2009
Perspective Ripe to pick

Ripe to pick

Free incoming calls, Rs 1.20 per three minutes for outgoing calls…Reliance’s debut in the world of mobile telephony created a storm in December 2002.

Where is the Indian rupee headed?

Given that the earnings for exporters are largely denominated in dollars, the appreciation of the rupee dents their profits, if not hedged.

An attempt to kindle interest

After nearly two years of multimillion-dollar sales in the United States, Amazon is going global with its Kindle e-book reader.

Big plans for the small car

From the time when the Maruti 800 put Indian women in the driver’s seat, to the more recent Nano, which put the car within common man’s reach, the Indian small car segment has seen a lot of action.

Regulator watch

A look at the recent rulings which can affect you.

Insurance gets customised

The quest for bigger market toeholds is now forcing insurance companies to launch customised policies.

Spotlight on surveys

Never mind the slow economic recovery and lingering doubts about the future. Indians are prepared to let the good times roll this festive season.

'The start-up scenario in India is very attractive'

Parag Saxena, CEO, New Silk Route, a $1.4-billion private equity fund looking to invest in India, Pakistan, Dubai and Southeast Asia, talks to us.
Travel Catch the tide

Catch the tide

With the cruise industry trying to stay afloat by rolling out discounts and all-inclusive family deals, this is the best time to take to the waters.
Technology Happy birthday, MS Word

Happy birthday, MS Word

As the iconic word processing application celebrates another birthday, we thought you should know about some plug-ins that can help overcome its shortcomings and make Word, well, perfect...
Stocks Buoyancy amid scepticism

Buoyancy amid scepticism

Companies in the auto, IT and real estate sectors are likely to show a strong sequential earnings trend.

Waiting for a correction

The top 10 Sensex stocks are not looking positive. They strengthen the belief that a correction is due.

Earning without extra risk

The covered call strategy can help enhance the investor’s returns without increasing the threat to the portfolio.
Commodities Betting on commodities

Betting on commodities

Investors with a short- to medium-term outlook can book profits in metals and energy stocks now.

The rise of commodities

The revival of the world economy and industrial demand have boosted commodity prices. This trend will continue in the coming years, say experts.
Insight Should you invest in loss-making companies?

Should you invest in loss-making companies?

Invest in a company that is making profits because its financial performance is important.

The value of firms

Continuing the series on financial concepts, we explain how the EV/EBITDA ratio can help identify expensive as well as low-valued stocks.
Investment Assessing changes

Assessing changes

The recent regulatory changes, such as no entry loads on mutual fund investments, cap on Ulip charges, draft report on investor awareness and protection, and the proposed direct tax code, have all made the financial services industry buzz with activity.

Investors' right to information

Quarterly disclosures of product-wise value and volumes of sales should be made compulsory.
Query Corner I want a pension of Rs 40,000 a month

I want a pension of Rs 40,000 a month

If we assume a life expectancy of 80 years, you will require a corpus of Rs 2.36 crore to get a pension of Rs 40,000.
Smart Spending A cause for concern

A cause for concern

Run these checks to ensure the credibility of an NGO before donating to it.

The consumer crusaders

Activists and lawyers are coming out in support of the common man, making industry-wide changes and forcing regulators to act.

Exercise the home option

If you are short on time but big on fitness, build a personal gym in your house. We tell you how to get started.

To buy or not to buy

In this series we review new products and services to help you sort the best buys from those that do not offer value for money.
Portfolio Doctor Right ingredients, wrong recipe

Right ingredients, wrong recipe

Two successful entrepreneurs have the traits required of good investors: aggression and patience. But faulty strategies have been their undoing.
For The Record Ombudsmen: What you should know

Ombudsmen: What you should know

An ombudsman is an official appointed to investigate complaints against a service or an administrative authority.
Mutual Fund When to sell a fund

When to sell a fund

You should tweak your portfolio and get rid of duds in line with the changes in your financial goals and investment strategy.
Talk Back Can we sue a hotel if it does not cater to the differently abled?

Can we sue a hotel if it does not cater to the differently abled?

You may take the matter to the grievance redressal cell in the Ministry of Tourism or to a consumer court.
Editors Note From the Editor-in-Chief

From the Editor-in-Chief

The small investor has always been the ‘ordinary man’, last on the priority list of companies.
Markets 'Focus on the performance of companies, not on sectors'

'Focus on the performance of companies, not on sectors'

Nilesh Shah, Deputy Managing Director, ICICI Prudential Asset Management, talks about the future of the equity market and its impact on investors.

'Successful investing is not about timing, but time period'

Motilal Oswal, Chairman and Managing Director, Motilal Oswal Financial Services, talks about the market direction and the stocks to pick.
Careers Gaining by going green

Gaining by going green

Being environment-conscious is not just politically correct, it also makes good business sense as niche ventures and careers come up.

'The market potential for eco-friendly products and services is over $40 bn'

Raghupathy S., Senior Director and Head, Confederation of Indian Industry Godrej Green Business Centre, talks about the opportunities for green entrepreneurs.

'Now, salaries won't be as absurdly high as before the slowdown'

T.V. Mohandas Pai, Director, HR, Infosys Technologies, tells that India Inc is hiring again, but that employees should be prepared for a slower growth in opportunities.
Expert View Will you pay for accountability?

Will you pay for accountability?

The fee-based model brings in greater transparency and empowers the investor to make the adviser accountable.
Insurance One for the agent

One for the agent

The proposal to phase out insurance commissions could make agents extinct. Will people manage to buy insurance without them?
Planning Best laid plans

Best laid plans

Proper planning across different life stages can make all the difference when it comes to meeting your financial goals. Here’s how you can avoid delays and breakdowns.

Start right, early

Just because you’re young and healthy is no reason not to plan your finances.

Never too late to plan

In an ideal world, you will be all set with a retirement plan by the time you’re 30. But most of us start thinking of retirement after we turn 40 or even later. Here’s what you can do.

Advantage Ulips

Unit-linked insurance plans (Ulips) offer a lot to the careful planner. These plans inculcate savings discipline and provide decent returns, making them ideal investments for a long-term investor. Apart from good returns, you also get life insurance, which accounts for the popularity of these products.
Banking Banking on change

Banking on change

Improved accessibility and greater customer convenience have been at the centre of the recent measures to revamp banking services.

Foreign havens

If you thought offshore accounts were used only to park illegal funds, think again. They could be your ticket to legal tax savings and diversification.