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  • You are in the midst of the first world-wide economic slowdown and recovery seems a long way off for the global markets. So do you need to change your investment strategy? Money Today thinks so.What the Experts hope to do in 2009 How to invest in 20092009: A year of hope
Jan 08, 2009
BASICS What's pulling down the economy?

What's pulling down the economy?

Just a year ago, the Indian economy was humming like a well-oiled machine. Today, it is stuck in a rut, as is clear from the macro-economic indicators. Money Today looks at how six key parameters have deteriorated over the past 12 months.
Stocks As safe as a bank

As safe as a bank

Public sector banks have been seen as safe harbours for your money. Now, it appears, these stocks could also help you weather the meltdown.

The oil surprise

One of the better surprises of 2008 is the steep fall in crude oil prices. From a peak of $146 per barrel on 3 July, it tumbled to $40 on 5 December. The government may cut petrol prices again to appease voters.

A fresh start in the new year

Dipen Sheth has wiped the slate clean. He has sold all the stocks in both the portfolios to raise more cash and has listed potential ones he wants to buy.
Mutual Fund Birla Sun Life performs well

Birla Sun Life performs well

IDFC is planning to double its borrowings. Against the original plan of Rs 2,000-3,000 crore, it wants to raise Rs 5,000 crore more. The firm’s borrowings as on Sept 2008 was Rs 22,890 crore.

One more in the tax kitty

Money Today-Plexus Management new fund evaluation: The fund’s timing is just right. Also, the open duration of the fund makes it viable for people who may be rethinking about investing in the existing ELSS funds.

Fact of the matter

Amutual fund scheme’s fact sheet is like a monthly report card. It provides information to investors about where and how their funds have been deployed.
Portfolio Doctor Not a winner in finances

Not a winner in finances

He has a knack for winning TV reality shows and recently pocketed Rs 61 lakh. But Ashutosh Big Boss Kaushik is in desperate need of an investment strategy.
Tax Is income earned abroad taxable in India?

Is income earned abroad taxable in India?

If you have lived in India for more than 182 days in a financial year, you will be considered a resident of India under the Income Tax Act. So your income, including the one earned abroad, will be taxable in India. However, you may get benefit under the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement.
Upfront Damage control

Damage control

When the Wall Street was breached, the Indian bourses had to battle a tsunami. Succumbing to panic, institutional and retail investors frantically pulled out money from the stock market and mutual fund schemes.
Expert View How to invest in 2009

How to invest in 2009

Often, short-term stock market movements do not favour the rational investor. Mr Market seems to have a mind of his own and is willing to bet against you. Patience, backed by conviction, is the best way out.
Insurance Managing risk with insurance

Managing risk with insurance

Risk is defined as the uncertainty of an outcome—opportunity or threat—of actions and events. It is assessed as a combination of the likelihood of an eventuality, its impact, and the severity of damage caused.

Longer life, lower premium

Women should take a life insurance policy at the earliest, especially because their longer life spans ensure that they pay a lesser premium compared with men.
Financial Planning The debt sentence

The debt sentence

Taking a loan to repay another is rarely a good idea—and is worse during recession. But there are ways out of the debt trap if you enforce self-discipline, says Priya Kapoor.
Planning Some lows are good

Some lows are good

Experts are predicting that inflation will hit an all-time low. It is already down to 6.84% from 12.9% just four months ago. Is this a reason to celebrate? Rakesh Rai finds out.
Insight 2008: Figure it out

2008: Figure it out

From the inflation highs to the Sensex lows, from the searing interest rates to the freeze in liquidity, the past year featured some of the most jarring figures in financial history. Here are some numbers that must have made you think.

Fear and cheer

Depression, recession, bear market... all have translated to job scares, a slowdown in demand and panic attacks. Here is a recap of the spillover effects of the ongoing economic imbroglio in the last fortnight, across the globe.
Query Corner What do the terms support level and resistance imply?

What do the terms support level and resistance imply?

Analysts often refer to the support and resistance levels of stocks and indices. These are technical indicators based on the historical price trends. Here’s what the two terms mean.
Banking 4 FAQs on ECS

4 FAQs on ECS

ECS is a mode of electronic fund transfer from one bank account to another using the services of a clearing house. It is normally used for bulk or repetitive transfers. While ECS (credit) is used by institutions for distributing dividend, salary or pension, ECS (debit) is used by individuals.
New Business The serial entrepreneur

The serial entrepreneur

From founding HCL to Techspan, and now, Headstrong, Arjun Malhotra has moved from strength to strength, exploiting every crisis to emerge an entrepreneur.
Technology All in the game

All in the game

Ever since playing acquired the e-dimension, gaming has become a serious business. The fun remains intact, but the figures have bloated: the console gaming development market is expected to be worth Rs 260 crore by 2009.
Books Gain from the power of two

Gain from the power of two

Exploring dualties to make good investment decisions is a novel approach, but it takes a savvy global investor to practise it, says Tanvi Varma.
Travel 5 tips for holiday savings

5 tips for holiday savings

If you have grounded your vacation plans for fear of tumultuous times ahead—no pay hikes, no disposable cash—here is a way to get around it. You can trim your travel budget in several ways no matter where you are headed, says Sushmita Choudhury.
My Idea Making a fortune

Making a fortune

The search for a reliable astrologer led Hemang Arun Pandeet, 32, to start GaneshaSpeaks, an astro consulting Website. Forecasting fortunes has proved fortuitous for the Ahmedabad-based engineer.
Talk Back 'Story on discounted brands is need of the hour'

'Story on discounted brands is need of the hour'

Money Today has constantly endeavoured to bring stories that can help you save and spend smartly. You can also save and drive a hard bargain if you conduct your own survey of product prices at different vendors/locations before buying.
Editor's Note From the executive editor

From the executive editor

My investments are in a shambles. This is because I missed out all the bull runs since 1986, when I joined the profession. I have never invested in shares and mutual funds except once.
Now and Then Lather low

Lather low

Heightened competition in the wash-care segment has helped keep the prices down. For consumers, there is choice at every price point.
Careers The big freeze

The big freeze

With lower salary hikes and slow hiring predicted across sectors, pay for performance is set to be the norm for the new year.