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Jul 09, 2009
Upfront Spread smaller

Spread smaller

It's hardly a surprise that debt-oriented products account for over 70% of the industry AUM, enabling big players to use them for treasury management.
Travel Roughing it with ease

Roughing it with ease

To help reduce the hardiness of a camping trip, we pick innovative, compact gear that combines convenience with comfort.
Technology Before you buy

Before you buy

Scan the essential features of some electronic gadgets to ensure you don’t make an expensive mistake.
Real Estate Clubbing key to unlock deals

Clubbing key to unlock deals

Grouping is the strategy of the season. Realty buyers are doing it to extract discounts, the developers, to clear stagnant inventories.
Query Corner How is the interest earned from fixed deposits taxed?

How is the interest earned from fixed deposits taxed?

Tax liability on interest income from fixed deposits is calculated on an accrual basis.
Portfolio Doctor Disciplined route to redemption

Disciplined route to redemption

Despite fundamental mistakes, Mumbai-based Preeti and Vishal Srivastava can achieve their goals easily. This is because of the one right move: regular investment.
Investment Targeting the small investor

Targeting the small investor

Brokerages are now managing equity portfolios as small as Rs 5 lakh. We find out whether these schemes offer value for money.
Mutual Fund Building on opportunity

Building on opportunity

Money Today-Plexus Management new fund evaluation bring to you the report card of the Reliance Infrastructure Fund.
My Idea Figuring it out

Figuring it out

Pradeep Kumar, 41, quit his job with Maruti to pursue vedic maths. His efforts have added up to the 80-centre behemoth, Magical Methods.
BASICS Tax filing: Six degrees of preparation

Tax filing: Six degrees of preparation

We take you through the basics of income tax to help you fill a flawless return.
Stocks Hyped Budget, low hopes

Hyped Budget, low hopes

Revenue inflows are unlikely to jump soon, unless taxes are upped. So, let’s rule out easing of tax rates, though there might be some sops for individuals, like a hike in deductibles for home loans or tax-exempt bank deposits.

Going short in a big way

While Dipen Sheth takes a timid stand on Safe Wealth, he aggressively short-sells a bundle of stocks in the Wealth Zoom portfolio — and explains why.
Tax How to profit from losses

How to profit from losses

The setbacks from stocks, mutual funds, real estate and other assets can be adjusted against gains from investments for up to eight financial years.

Why you should e-file

Despite its benefits, filing returns online is not a big hit. We bust the myths about the process and explain why it should actually be your first choice.

I-T returns: Odd situations

What if you, as a taxpayer, are faced with unusual circumstances pertaining to your return? Money Today looks at five such odd situations and ways to deal with them.

Save tax...take a break

What is the tax exemption on your leave travel allowance and how can you claim it? Read answers to these and other important questions to avoid tax outgo.

Little-known tax benefits

Most of us are aware of the tax benefits on investments, medical insurance and the tax advantages of a home loan. Here are some inconspicuous sections of the tax law under which you can claim further deductions.

A charter of honesty

Many taxpayers aren’t aware that they may be falling foul of the tax authorities due to inconsistencies and errors in their returns. We list out eight fundamental rules to ensure that your return is free of mistakes.
Talk Back Should age alone decide which mutual fund is good for us?

Should age alone decide which mutual fund is good for us?

No, age is only one of the factors. Each age group has objectives, risk appetite and goals that are typical to the category.
New Business First growth

First growth

It was sheer chance that led Rajeev Samant to work his father’s land. Several profitless crops later, he opted for winemaking, and a heady business, Sula Wines, was born.
Books Dishing out a tasting menu

Dishing out a tasting menu

In the tradition of small-plate dining, this book tells you a little about everything. It’s a bid to find financial wisdom in unconventional places.
Banking Flawed service

Flawed service

Systemic inadequacies or incompetence on the part of the bank can lead to financial loss and hardships for customers. Here’s how to deal with four common problems.
Editor's Note From the Executive Editor

From the Executive Editor

The IT Act is saddled with dozens of exemptions. It’s high time they are knocked off.