Business Today Archive July 12, 2020 Issue

Edition: July 12, 2020

Cover Story

A Lot of Bull

A Lot of Bull

Why the sharp recovery and sustained run in stock markets is built on weak fundamentals. Despite the fall, they are trading at double the valuation of the 2008 Lehman crash

Editor's Note
Corporate earnings are on a slippery wicket, and will continue to be on the edge for at least a year. Lockdown has dealt a punishing blow to firms and individuals whose delinquencies will unfold over the next few quarters
Leadership Spotlight

Nikhil Arora, Vice President and MD, GoDaddy India


Now, affected Indian companies will have to pass on higher borrowing costs to stakeholders


With the post-lockdown economy still to pick up, highly leveraged companies are looking at ways to reduce debt


From smartphones doubling up as room keys to real-time data access for staff to new solutions for cleaner air, technology is transforming the hospitality sector

Official notifications had included only employees of nationalised banks to take the local train to work from July 1, excluding their other colleagues
Money Today

Bharat Bond ETFs are an opportunity to invest in AAA-rated PSUs at low cost with predictable returns and equities-like liquidity


Sharing information with the firm's shareholders, Biocon CEO and Managing Director Siddharth Mittal said it is important for the company to unlock value of the biosimilars business

BT Management

With social distancing norms in place, open office designs are being turned upside down

In his blog, GatesNotes, Gates writes, "I have been playing bridge for years - Warren Buffett is my favourite partner"
"In the last two months, or after March 23, we have seen a significant drop in admissions. Before March 23, we were doing 25,000-30,000 hospital admissions/treatments per day, but after the lockdown, we are down to 12,000-13,000"

India's nascent microbrewery industry is facing the double whammy of lockdown blues and high taxation

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